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EJKS Issue EJKS 22.1

European Journal of Korean Studies – Vol 22.1

Special Section 1 EUNJU HWANG, University for the Creative Arts and DONGHYEOK JEONG, Coventry University The Evolving Roles of the South Korean Government in Preparing Diplomatic and Industrial Change 7 KYOUNGHEE CHO, Pusan National University Transformation of South Korean Government Digital Communications 43 FELICIA ISTAD, Korea University In Search of Talent: Startup Policy in South……

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EJKS Issue

European Journal of Korean Studies – Vol 21.2

1 KEITH HOWARD, SOAS, University of London Dance and Ideology in North Korea: Ch’oe Sŭnghŭi and Her Response to Criticism 31 NUR AISYAH KOTARUMALOS, Seoul National University Asia Center Cross-Cultural Adjustment of Indonesian Expatriates in South Korea 59 PHILLIP SHON, Ontario Tech University A Comparative Synthesis of American and Korean Parricidal MassMurders 83 HASAN TINMAZ,…

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EJKS Issue ISSUE 21.1

European Journal of Korean Studies – Vol 21.1

  1 ANDREAS SCHIRMER, Palacký University Olomouc The Drama in the Sentence: Sequence as a Crucial Challenge for Literary Translation from and to Korean 43 ÁLVARO TRIGO, University of Salamanca Contemporary Re-Interpretations of the Colonial Past Through the Biopics of Two Koreans: Park Kyŏng-Wŏn and Kim Sin-Rak 67 TIMOTHY C. LIM, California State University, Los…

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Jihye Kim (Together but Separate: Relationships and Boundaries between North and South Koreans in Multiethnic Britain)

Abstract The United Kingdom hosts the largest North Korean immigrant community in Europe, and the majority have settled in New Malden, London’s Koreatown. Drawing on ethnographic fieldwork, this study examines the relationships North Korean immigrants have established with their South Korean counterparts in the course of secondary migration from South Korea to the UK, focusing…

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Tobias Hübinette (Overseas Korean Adoption and the Birth of Swedish Color-blindness: A Study of How Korean Adoptees Transformed Sweden’s Attitude to Race and the Relationship between Race and Swedishness)

Abstract This article consists of a study of how the first wave of Korean adoptees to Sweden were imagined and represented in a political debate that raged throughout the 1960s concerning whether or not Swedes would adopt non-white children from abroad. The study examines how the arrival of the Korean adoptees came to transform Swedes’…

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