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EJKS Issue EJKS 20.1

European Journal of Korean Studies – Vol 20.1

Research Articles 1 DONGGUE LEE and SANGWOO HAN, Sungkyunkwan University and Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona Families in the Household Registers of Seventeenth-Century Korea: Capital, Urban and Rural Areas 35 PATRICK VIERTHALER, Kyoto University A Reconsideration of the New Right’s Formative Period (2003–2008): Conservative Experiences, Mass Media and Cultural Memory in Po… Members Please login for full…

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EJKS Issue European Journal of Korean Studies – Vol 19.2

European Journal of Korean Studies – Vol 19.2

Special Section: North Korean Popular Culture 1 KEITH HOWARD, SOAS University of London Special Introduction: North Korean Popular Culture 7 PETER MOODY, Columbia University From Production to Consumption: The Socialist Realism/Personality Cult Divide in North Korean Popular Music 37 ROWAN PEASE, SOAS University of London A Cross-Border Life and Legacy: Zheng Lücheng 57 PEKKA KORHO……

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EJKS Issue

European Journal of Korean Studies – Vol 19.1

Welcome to the Autumn 2019 issue of the European Journal of Korean Studies. Whereas the previous issue marked a real growth in the accessibility of our journal through the launch of our website, this issue, a truly bumper edition marks a real growth in terms of size and ambition. As was the case with…

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The Precarity and Strategic Navigation of Choso˘ njok Migrants in South Korea (Page 7–35)

Abstract This paper investigates how ethnic Koreans migrating to South Korea from the People’s Republic of China (PRC) have learned to adapt to precarity, tailoring their strategies to cope with an increasingly uncertain South Korean job market. Using archival analysis, participant observations, and in-depth interviews, the findings of this study demonstrate that the in-betweenness of…

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“Identity through difference”: Liminal Diasporism and Generational Change Among the Koryo Saram in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan (Page 37–72)

Abstract This article examines the case of the Koryo saram, the ethnic Koreans living in the Central Asian republic of Kyrgyzstan, to reflect on how notions of diasporas, community, and identity have changed since the collapse of the Soviet Union. It contends that the Koryo saram are best understood through the lenses of diasporic conditions…

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Seoul as a Site of Labor Resistance: The Spatial Representation of Inequality and Injustice (Page 73–99)

Abstract Under rising insecurity and precarity in the neoliberal labor market, Korean workers have protested mass job cuts and deteriorating working conditions. Although their grievances originate from the regions and workplaces where they are employed or laid off, the protest sites often move to major political landmarks in Seoul, the nation’s capital, with demands for…

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